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There are many free Krakow walking tours available, which are led by local guides who are experts in Krakow. They know the area very well, which means you will be able to get all the information you need about the city. Some tours include visits to Wawel Castle and the old town, as well as the Jewish quarter. If you feel comfortable paying after the tour, do so. There is absolutely no demand for a tour guide. You decide the guide’s worth. The free walking tour Krakow can be booked online, and you just have to show up at the given location to join us Most Krakow free walking tours are held every day, no matter what the weather is like Below is the list of free Krakow walking tours you can attend.

Popular Free Walking Tours in Krakow

Loaded with abundant heritage, both glorious and notorious, Krakow is a city that has earned affection among tourists. It has become the coolest and hottest vacation spot in central Europe. Astonishingly, the architectural structures of Krakow remained unaffected during the Second World War, and in spite of being centuries old, Krakow’s old landmarks are well-preserved and beyond a shadow of doubt they are worth visiting. In Krakow, you are able to chill out and enjoy the roaring nightlife, explore historical attractions, galleries, museums, and even pursue an outdoor adventure. With picturesque streets, a walk around Krakow is an excursion. When touring Krakow, prepare for some opportunities to see jewel-year architectural structures even though Krakow is a big city. Don’t forget to consider joining one of our free walking tours Krakow to explore the city with local guides.

Krakow History

Krakow has been recognized for decades for its cultural heritage. As one of the first cities to make it onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it has a rich historical background and beautiful architecture. It is generally believed that Kraków commenced as a town on Wawel Hill in 965, and back then it was a chaotic trading centre of Slavonic Europe. At present, Kraków has approximately 760,000 inhabitants, and about 8 million people live within a 100-km radius of its famous main Market Square, making it Poland’s most populated area. Aside from that, it has also become a European center for gastronomic heritage, offering you the opportunity to experience rich culinary traditions while enjoying money-saving options. Furthermore, Krakow is one of the world’s most influential vacation spots, and free tours Krakow can be an excellent way to experience astounding human history and cultural heritage while keeping your budget intact. Unfortunately, roughly 1.1 million people died during World War II in close proximity to Auschwitz, which is a few hours away from Krakow. Consider exploring this historical city with one of our informative free tours Krakow to gain deeper insights into its heritage and save money during your visit.

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Faqs about Krakow

Is Krakow safe for tourists?

Kraków is generally a peaceful destination for vacationers. It offers the tourist an opportunity to pay a visit to nearly every part of Kraków without having to be terrified of kidnapping or every other kind of dangerous crime. However, the negative thing is, unfortunately, Kraków has its justifiable share of thieves; be cautious in congested public areas.

How many days should you spend in Krakow?

If you are a first-time traveler to Krakow, it is highly recommended that you spend no less than 2 days in Krakow. If at all possible, 3 days would be perfect to get a general flavor of the city. This would enable you to visit most of the main attractions, and get to know the main neighborhoods.

Is Krakow expensive to visit?

In most cases, Krakow has long been a more cost-efficient travel destination than many cities in Europe, but even so, prices have been rising over the past few years. Krakow. Apart from this, Krakow is among Poland’s biggest cities, so travelling costs in Krakow are generally higher than in other parts of Poland.

Do the locals in Krakow speak English?

Despite the fact that, generally, Polish people don’t learn English, the locals in Krakow speak English perfectly. Added to that, all of the listed free tours in Krakow are provided in English.

When is the most suitable time to visit Krakow?

Even though the weather conditions in Krakow are always pleasant throughout every season, the most ideal times to pay a visit to Kraków are from March to May and between September and November. The weather usually gets hotter in June, July, and August.

Can you drink tap water in Krakow?

Typically, restaurants across Krakow provide drinking water bottles by default. In general, drinking Poland’s public tap water is considered healthy and safe because the Polish government ensures that water quality is maintained throughout the country.

Is Krakow cheap for shopping?

Absolutely, yes. The fact is that, throughout central Europe, Krakow is viewed as one of the most attractive and inexpensive places to shop. It’s a city where you can find plenty of high-quality products at inexpensive prices, and, moreover, it’s straightforward to get a bargain.